I hate living in apartments with roommates. The last roommate I had was simply one of the worst people I’ve ever lived with at any time. Everything was fine when we first moved in, but later he became noisy, rude, messy, and would often be late in paying his half of the rent. I got tired of it, and when it was time for our lease to end, I decided to move out. I started looking for apartments in Tallahassee FL that would be affordable enough for me to move in and pay the rent without relying on someone else for financial help, or I would be right back in the roommate situation.

The search wasn’t easy, as a lot of the places that I thought were good enough to live in had only rooms made for two people, or their prices were so high that only two people or more would be able to cover the rent cost, unless one person was rich enough for a single. I became severely frustrated, but I didn’t give up. I used my old roommate as motivation for me to keep looking. Every time I thought about quitting, I just imagined my roommate putting food crumbs all over the couch, leaving his dirty clothes on the floor, and telling me that he would be late with the rent again.

I finally hit the jackpot with one Tallahassee apartment. The price was great for this place, and it was near all of the places that I usually visit during the day. The best thing is that I was able to get a single, so there was no one else that I had to worry about being in my apartment, unless I invited them inside. I hope my former roommate doesn’t get the idea to move into this place.

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