How to disable Touch Screen in Windows Laptop ( My windows 10 Touch Screen is Broken)

Today I found my Laptop's Touch Screen Broken. So here is how to Disable Touch Screen in Windows laptop. This method can disable touch screen in any windows 10, windows 7 or windows 8.1 Laptop. To disable touch screen first right-click on "My Computer" Discover A Lot More

Review – Windows 8 em um notebook Touchscreen

Mudando minhas impressões do Windows 8 depois de testar ele numa tela touchscreen

Windows 8 Touchscreen Usage. Advantages, Demo by Chippy. showing various touchscreen usage scenarios on a touchscreen Ultrabook

Windows 8.1 How to fix Touch screen problem

If your Touch screen not work then watch this video tutorial How to fix Touch screen problem in windows 8 & 8.1. i am solve this problem in this video tutorial step by step. Discover A Lot More

Windows 8 Touch Monitor (10 Point Multi Touch)

This monitor is a 23" 10 Point Multi Touch Monitor of Projected Capacitive type. It is uncommon to realize 23" Projected Capacitive type. This application has same touch sensitivity with Smart phone of capacitive type. We can realize 10 point Discover A Lot More

Setting up Windows 7 touch screen keyboard

When you are using a touch screen you don't want to have to use a regular keyboard. If you have Windows 7, you already have a great touch screen keyboard available. Watch this video to see how to set it up. Discover A Lot More

Windows 10 touch screen Smart Mirror

Here's a demo of the smart Mirror I built. It features a touch screen overlay, webcam, microphone for voice activated commands and runs a full windows 10 through an intel compute stick. I still need to clean it up a bit and mount it on the wall, Discover A Lot More

Touchscreen LCD with Windows 10 IoT running on RaspberryPi 2

Here we test our 7", 10", 14" and 15.6" touchscreen LCDs with Windows 10 IoT running on Raspberry Pi 2. LCD panels are available in our webshop: Discover A Lot More

PC Review: Lenovo C260 – Touchscreen Windows 8.1 Budget AiO

Microsoft's dominance of the consumer PC market is largely due to system makers making entry level gear. This situation has been rough on Windows 8, as the OS is more fun to use with a touchscreen. This is exactly the market Lenovo is trying to crack Discover A Lot More

Windows 10 Looks on Touchscreen PC.

Windows 10 Technical Preview Look

CES 2016: Nitro Duo tiny touchscreen PC runs Windows and Android at the same time

Nitro Duo is 2 touchscreen computers in one 5 inch case

Lilliput Touchscreen USB Monitor on Windows 7 Review Though designed as a second peripheral monitor this does work really as a primary monitor and incredibly only uses 5 Watts of Power! It's really ideal for boats or for cars because it gets power over USB. You don't need Discover A Lot More

#15 Windows 10: How to Activate (Enable) tablet Mode #computerrepair

How to Activate (Enable) tablet Mode ***************************************** In this video , i have demonstrate, how to Change your laptop into tablet and Remember If your laptop is Screen Touch,You can Activate tablet mode and enjoy as Tablet, Discover A Lot More

REVIEW: HP 15.6″ Touchscreen Laptop (15-F211WM) Windows 10

The HP 15-F211WM proves that you don't have to break an arm or a leg to purchase a full-sized, touchscreen laptop. For around 0, this Windows 10 Home Premium PC includes specs such as 4GB of DDR3 Ram, 500GB harddrive, full-sized DVD reader/writer, Discover A Lot More

PiTouch: HDMI Multi-touch Monitor for Raspberry Pi / Mac / Windows

10 inch LCD Touchscreen Monitor for Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows, or any HDMI source. 1280x800 native resolution, 4 point multi-touch, 3 port USB hub with one 1.5A fast charging port, HDMI audio, stereo speakers, dual HDMI and composite video inputs. Kickstarter Discover A Lot More

Windows 7 Touch Enabled on a very nice Touch Screen Monitor

Chad Collins and Robert Fink play with a screensaver fish tank on Windows 7 Touch running on a very large High Def screen Discover A Lot More

osu! on windows touchscreen tablet

Tutorial para desabilitar/desativar tela de toque (touchscreen) de notebook – WINDOWS 10

Tutorial para desabilitar/desativar tela de toque (touchscreen) de notebook - WINDOWS 10. dê uma curtida no vídeo 😉 How to disable touch screen on Windows 10. Discover A Lot More

Installing an Older Touchscreen Driver from the Windows Update Catalog

Learn how to install an older touchscreen driver from the Windows Update Catalog. For other helpful videos go to or More support options for your scanner are available at This video Discover A Lot More


Cando Touch: Please Subscribe and Like 🙂 Discover A Lot More

How to disable touch screen on your Windows 10 laptop

This is a tutorial on how to disable your touch screen on your laptop.(If you have a touch screen laptop) Discover A Lot More

Windows 7 Touchscreen Features

Here is a cool video explaining some of the new touchscreen features that you will find in Windows 7.