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How to disable Touch Screen in Windows Laptop ( My windows 10 Touch Screen is Broken)

Today I found my Laptop's Touch Screen Broken. So here is how to Disable Touch Screen in Windows laptop. This method can disable touch screen in any windows 10, windows 7 or windows 8.1 Laptop. To disable touch screen first right-click on "My Computer" Discover A Lot More

Waterproof mirror TV with capacitive touch screen

magic mirror TV

Adhesive tape for touch screen applications.

Use this high strength, ultra thin adhesive tape to fix touch screen digitizers in place on mobile phone (smartphone). Repair Part - double-coated adhesive tape suit touch screen assembly applications. I created all visual content. Discover A Lot More

Touch Screen Projector by FUJITSU

Fujitsu has a projector with a camera setup that converts large spaces such as walls or tables into touch-sensitive areas with the use of a stylus with an IR transmitter. The company also showcases multiple use cases with moving images from one source Discover A Lot More

lenovo p780 touch screen replacement

Repair lenovo p780 touch screen replacement

After-sale when replace new touch screen panel, please adjust the proper screen display.

After-sale service: when Joying offered the new touch screen panel, and please follow this video to adjust the proper screen display. Discover A Lot More

Hero4 Silver – How To Use The LCD Touch Screen – GoPro Tip #388

Check out my store for awesome GoPro mounts and accessories Frame your shots, play back footage and quickly adjust settings on the camera's touch display. Don't forget to watch in HD! Comment, Thumbs up, Share, and Subscribe! GoPro Discover A Lot More

Nokia Lumia 620 – Touch screen Digitizer Glass LCD Display Replacement

How to disassemble / take apart the phone and change, replace broken Touchscreen glass / Display, Loudspeaker, etc. Nokia Lumia 620, RM-846 • Video chronology: 00:35 - rear bottom bezel 00:56 - loudspeaker / ringer 01:05 - the new touch screen Discover A Lot More

Eincar latest Linux system car mp5 player with capacitive touch screen 2 din car radio unbox

For more information about car dvd player, please visit If you want to know more about this product, please visit Eincar Discover A Lot More

Meteorological Weather station with touch screen from Jetstream India

This professional Touch Screen Weather Station is excellent for users who want an accurate local weather report handy. You can monitor weather for boating or sporting events, rainfall for agricultural industry, or use it as a learning tool for children Discover A Lot More

GLARE REVIEW: Dell P2314T Touch screen monitor review from Dell

I just bought this touchscreen monitor from Dell, and after setting it up and looking at it, I had to make a review… It's a beautiful monitor, does everything that a touchscreen need to do and the quality is amazing… The pictures are crystal-clear Discover A Lot More

Nokia Lumia 1020 Digitizer Touch Screen Replacement + Battery Pull Reset

Learn how to replace the touch screen on the Nokia Lumia 1020 as well as disconnecting the battery to preform a reset. The LCD & Digitizer can be easily replaced with just a few tools. Follow the links below to find a Nokia Lumia 1020 screen replacement. Screen Discover A Lot More

Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 – LCD Display, touch screen, Digitizer, Charging Port Replacement

Wi-Fi - SM-T310, 3G/LTE - SM-T311, SM-T315 How to disassemble / take apart the tablet to change / replace charging port, battery, display assembly (broken LCD display, touchscreen, glass digitizer) , etc. Video chronology: 1:08 - micro SD card, Discover A Lot More

Verizon Touch Screen Phones Without Data Plans

Find the Verizon touch screen phones without data plans, click here for more details & reviews List of Verizon touch screen phones no data plans - Samsung Brightside - Pantech Discover A Lot More

Touch Screen Ctronics 24G Wireless NVR System WIFI Cameras System 9 Touch Screen Monitor 2720P


Criei este vídeo com o Editor de vídeos do YouTube (

Joystick Game Controller for touch screen phones

This joystick controller is such a pleasure to play with. I use to suck at pacman with on screen buttons, but with this controller i was able to finish a level, pretty easily. The only downside of the controller is, not many games out there use joystick Discover A Lot More

Xbee Wireless Sensor Network with Touch Screen Display

Xbee on BlueBee (Breadboard) that can use for convert to 2.54 pitch , Xbee Dongle (for update firmware) and Xbee with Sensor (SHT11 , SCP1000 , Light Sensor TPS852) . This example code design by keep the datalog to SD Card every 1 sec and bring this Discover A Lot More

How to unlock an Android phone with a broken touch screen

Got an Android phone with a cracked screen? Can't unlock the phone to download your photos and other data? If the display still works, but the touch screen won't respond, then this may be the video that solves your problem! (If your screen is completely Discover A Lot More

7″ Color Monitor Touch Key Wireless Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System Ir Camera

Touch Screen Monitor in 2017 | Best Touch Screen Monitor

Touch Screen Monitor in 2017 | Best Touch Screen Monitor. Hey, I show this video about Touch screen Monitor in 2017. Here you see latest model monitor and you can get more information if want buying this related monitor. So if you watch this video Discover A Lot More