TouchPico on Indiegogo: Android PC with Projected Touch Screen

TouchPico ( is Pico Projector with embedded Android PC that converts any flat surface into touch screen. Use your favorite Android apps on giant projected touch screen. Discover A Lot More

GeChic On-Lap 1502I 15.6″ HD Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor Overview – Newegg Lifestyle | Touchscreen Monitors: sku: 9sia0v10sz4949 The On-Lap 1502 series have arrived—the ideal touch monitor for Windows 8! The intuitive touch screen interface of Windows 8 allows personal computers to break Discover A Lot More

Projected Capacitive Touch Screens Dawar's Projected Capacitive Touch Screens consist of two ITO/Glass circuits and an Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) that is used to optically bond the two circuits together. Discover A Lot More

Projected Capacitive Touch Technology – How It Works

Video animation demonstrating how Projective Capacitive Touch Technology works on a range of screen shapes & sizes, as well as in various weather conditions & in demanding environments. Discover A Lot More

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

eN-touch Touch Screen Solutions presents this video on the benefits, applications, and construction of Projected Capacitive touch screens, a type of capacitive touch screen which relies on the human body as a conductive stylus. Discover A Lot More

projected capacitive sensors, theory and design.(Touchscreen explained)

This video explains the physics behind the electrodes of the projected capacitive sensors. The typical touch-signal int the projected sensors starts with a initial capacitance, dips and the shoots up as the finger moves towards the electrodes. This Discover A Lot More