ToteVision 70″ Multi touch monitor:TV with built in PC HD 1080p This multi-functional video monitor includes an ATSC/QAM TV tuner and integrated PC with multi-touch capabilities. Ideal for use in training and education environments, in broadcast production, or in any application that Discover A Lot More

Curved Touchscreen with Multi touch Projected Capacitive Sensors Touchscreen Technology

Demonstration of Zytronic's innovative 20" & 40" curved multi-touch projected capacitive sensors. This unique capability is expected to be of great interest to manufacturers of casino/gaming equipment and public information displays. To read more Discover A Lot More

Bematech Multi Touch Monitor LE2000

Bematech's LE2000 is a stylish high-end touch monitor with superior functionality. The 15" true-flat, bezel free glass touch panel is not only an attractive feature but also offers a water resistant surface that is easy to maintain and clean. The Discover A Lot More

Wireless connect multi touch monitor with laptop 無線觸控螢幕 65吋

All you need to do just plug in the USB dongle into the laptop USB port, then all the data will automatic show on the screen Discover A Lot More

Touch Screen Panel & Multi Display

All Kind of Touch Screen : IR Touch, Capacity Touch, Film Touch, Resister Touch, Tempered Glass,Coationg(AR/AG/ ITO) Discover A Lot More

15 inch transparent lcd display with multi touch screen

This video is tell you how does transparent lcd display works and all the parts of it.You will know the real transparent lcd display Discover A Lot More

Planar Pxl2430mw 24 Class Widescreen Led Backlit Multi Touch Monitor P610 24012017

Multi Touch – New Touchscreen Technology (2006)

new touchscreen technology

“Memento – Soundtrack-Who Am I”, gravação de som administrado por:

Windows 8 Touch Monitor (10 Point Multi Touch)

This monitor is a 23" 10 Point Multi Touch Monitor of Projected Capacitive type. It is uncommon to realize 23" Projected Capacitive type. This application has same touch sensitivity with Smart phone of capacitive type. We can realize 10 point Discover A Lot More

42 ” Multi Touch Monitor with T Series Touch Screen Overlay Kit

We show you how to turn your 42" monitor into a powerful touch screen with the CycloTouch T Series 42" Touch Screen Overlay Kit. This kit is also available in a large range of sizes to fit most s Discover A Lot More

Demo Multi Touch Screen LCD monitor FORSA

LifeSize Touch – 55 Inch Multi Touch Screen – HD

LifeSize Touch - Large Format Touch Screens Please note that these touch screens do not come with any computers and that a suitable computer needs to be paired with the touch screen to be able to use multi touch features. We have tried and tested Discover A Lot More

Low cost DIY Multi Touch Screen

This project was done as a part of the Out Of the Box Week #IV at Microsoft Innovation Labs, Israel, which takes place every three months. Within 1 week, 4 people (Hen Fitoussi, Kfir Karmon, Liat Segal & Omer Ramot) built a low cost DIY multi-touch Discover A Lot More

32 inch interactive multi touch screen foil with USB

Interactive touch foil is transparent foil that can enable a touch screen on a normal glass with rear projection screen film or LCD display to be the interactive touch panel display. It is widely used for: 1.Store window displays,it called Magic Discover A Lot More

Multi Touch Screen Technology Solutions & Interactive Walls | Baanto

Baanto's revolutionary ShadowSense multi touch screen technology allows for a scalable solution which works in various weather and lighting conditions. Our touch technology is also highly adaptive to different environments and size requirements. Discover A Lot More

15” 17”19”ELO Open Frame lcd monitor with Multi Capacitive/Resisitive touch screen

— support 5/4 wire resisitive touch
— design for cabint/kiosk monitor

Interactive Multi Touch Screen Monitor in Action 19″ (4:3) ratio

See the CycloTouch 19" Vandal Proof Touch Screen LCD Monitor in action. Visit to view the full range of Interactive Touch Screen Products Discover A Lot More