Gechic On-Lap 1503I Touch Monitor Windows 10/ 8.1 Fingers Touch Tips 1(FHD 1080P IPS)

【1503I Touch Monitor Windows 10/ 8.1 Fingers Touch Tips】Ep 1 The demo of Window 10/8.1 touch gesture! Give us 57", and you can learn the basic operation of touch on Windows 10/ 8.1! Expect for the touch application with On-Lap touch monitor, Discover A Lot More

Monitor Touchscreen – Nova Interativa


Lilliput 10.1″ LCD Monitor with Mini USB Port / Multi-touch

Samsung Series 7 Touch Monitor Hands On (CES 2013)

From the Samsung booth at CES 2013, we get a demo of the Samsung Series 7 Touch Monitor.

Touch monitor setup as Extend monitor, Dell P2314T Multi-Touch Monitor setup as Extend Monitor

Touch LED/LCD setup as Extend Monitor for Laptop and Desktop. Dell P2314T Multi-Touch Monitor setup as Extend Monitor Discover A Lot More

Funky Kit – MIMO UM740 – 7″ Touchscreen USB monitor

This little unit from MIMO allow users to extend their desktop or have a duplicate desktop and comes with touchscreen functionality. No vga or monitor cables needed ... just a standard USB cable! It also has a built-in mic and a 1.3 megapixel webcam Discover A Lot More

Test IIYAMA Prolite 27″ B2712HDS Bildschirm Monitor | pc monitor test | 27 zoll monitor test

Hier gibt's den Nachfolger des IIYAMA Prolite 27" Monitor bei Amazon: Test IIYAMA Prolite 27" B2712HDS Bildschirm Monitor | pc monitor test | 27 zoll monitor test Entdecke den Test & Testbericht des IIYAMA Prolite Discover A Lot More

Nexus 7 used as a monitor and usb controller with DSLR Controller – DSLR FILM NOOB HDMI monitors can run anywhere from 0 to 00 depending on what you need and what you have for a budget. The Nexus 7 tablet comes in at 0 for the 8 GB model and Discover A Lot More

Control your iPhone/iPod from another touch screen monitor – WORLDS’ FIRST SOLUTION!!!

This has never been done before - here's how the iPhone can be controlled through an external 10 inch monitor by touch screen. This is the first phase of using my iPhone in my car - stay tuned for the second video where I completely replace my car Discover A Lot More

Lenovo Mobile Touch Monitor Review | TechCrunch At CES 2013

Lenovo just unveiled the ThinkVision LT1423p mobile monitor. It's extremely light, weighing just shy of 1.6 pounds, with a nice 13.3-inch display, making it easy for travel. It has both wireless and wired capabilities, meaning one can connect via Discover A Lot More

GeChic USB Portable Monitor Review

Come check out this sweet usb powered portable monitor by gechic! i'm very impressed with this monitor and works surprisingly well it also includes touch screen on this model. thank for the view! ○○○ LINKS ○○○ GeChic ► Novaspirit Discover A Lot More

Totevision 70″ Touch Screen LED Monitor / TV / PC – Toner Cable

Rachel Bell from Totevision show us some great features on the 70" touchscreen Monitor, TV, and PC all in one. Available at Toner Cable. Transcript: Hi, I'm Rachel Bell from Totevision and I am here at the show with the fine folks from Toner Cable Discover A Lot More

SmallHD Unveils Daylight Viewable 5″ Touchscreen Monitor

From No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2017: The FOCUS from SmallHD is it's new 9 daylight viewable HDMI monitor ideal for mounting on top of DSLR cameras. The monitor touts an LCD screen that's 2-3x Discover A Lot More

2013 Samsung Touch Monitor SC770

The Samsung SC770 Monitor provides optimum touch interaction, with a sliding tile stand that lets you easily tilt and smoothly slide the screen with one hand to find the most comfortable and convenient angle. Cutting-edge 10-point touch technology Discover A Lot More

faytech 7-12 inch Touchscreen Monitor Product Presentation

Arne Weber of faytech Co., Ltd. demonstrates his company's globally renowned 7"-12" Touchscreen Monitors. Designed in Germany and engineered with multiple application usage in mind, these high quality modular touch devices are used in many industrial Discover A Lot More

Planar Helium Productivity – 27-inch multi-touch Windows 8 monitor PCT2785

Learn more at The Planar® Helium™ is a multi-touch monitor with a smooth all glass front surface, wide viewing angles and a built-in full HD webcam. The monitor comes with an unique built-in, easy-to-use desk stand, Discover A Lot More

A review on the Asus VT207N touchscreen monitor

PortKeys 5 Inch Touch Screen Monitor for Camera/Film Shooting

Small size on camera monitor Ultra Lightweight with 4K HDMI Display 1920 x 1080 FHD Resolution In-cell multi-touch screen Discover A Lot More

Rio 22 Multi-Touch Desk Top Monitor

CyberTouch's video tour of its Rio 22. Rio 22 is a 22" diagonal multi-user multi-touch monitor designed to recognize up to 6 simultaneous touch inputs. The Rio 22 can be used in an upright position (vertically) or horizontally, or on its back Discover A Lot More

Interactive Touch Screen Monitor with PC and LED display – Your Favourite Story

Interactive touch screen monitors powered by a dedicated touch screen PC are a creative solution to attracting and engaging an audience – especially in a busy retail environment, trade show or exhibition. Here we demonstrate a couple of creative Discover A Lot More

ELO 1928L E746115 19-inch Desktop Touchscreen display monitor

The fully featured 1928L touchmonitor offers best-in-class optical performance mated to the medical industry's leading touch technologies–IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave, APR (acoustic pulse recognition), and AccuTouch five-wire resistive–in Discover A Lot More

Lorex Edge LH328501C4T22B 8-Channel DVR and 21.5-Inch Touch Screen Monitor

Lorex Edge LH328501C4T22B 8-Channel DVR and 21.5-Inch Touch Screen Monitor