Cold Reset in less than 1 minute M401 M402 Touchscreen Panel Models

Cold Reset HP LaserJet M401: 1. Turn the product off. 2. Perform one of the following steps:  - LCD control panel models: Simultaneously press and hold the right arrow button and the Cancel button. Keep these buttons depressed as you turn the product Discover A Lot More

New Apple iPad Air 4G + LTE CDMA GSM Test AT&T T-Mobile [New iPad Air + Mini = Universal Models]

This video is to highlight the New Apple iPad Air 4G + LTE Capability. Note: ALL iPad's come Factory Unlocked and the new iPad Air Supports All North American networks + many international networks for LTE - 3G/4G is supported on all networks around Discover A Lot More

DAGi recommend 6 models of Accurate stylus for Capacitive touch screen