Beaglebone: LCD Touchscreen GUI Applications for Embedded Linux

This is the first video in a set of three on Qt application development on the Beaglebone or any other embedded Linux device. This video introduces the LCD module that I used, reviews it and then discusses how you can install it and develop very Discover A Lot More

Touchscreen gestures in Linux using Touchegg

Demonstration of multi-touch touchscreen gestures using touchegg on a Dell XPS 12 running Kubuntu 14.04. My touchegg.conf: 2016/12/20 - The best touch experience I've had is on Kubuntu 14.04. Unfortunately, some Discover A Lot More

3D Desktop! TouchScreen and XGL on Linux! 3D Desktop! TouchScreen and XGL on Linux! I used: Gentoo Linux, Penmount touchscreen Gnome, XGL, and my hands!!!! Bill Barsch. Goiania-Goias-Brasil. Discover A Lot More

Eincar latest Linux system car mp5 player with capacitive touch screen 2 din car radio unbox

For more information about car dvd player, please visit If you want to know more about this product, please visit Eincar Discover A Lot More