Gechic On-Lap 1503I Touch Monitor Windows 10/ 8.1 Fingers Touch Tips 1(FHD 1080P IPS)

【1503I Touch Monitor Windows 10/ 8.1 Fingers Touch Tips】Ep 1 The demo of Window 10/8.1 touch gesture! Give us 57", and you can learn the basic operation of touch on Windows 10/ 8.1! Expect for the touch application with On-Lap touch monitor, Discover A Lot More

GeChic USB Portable Monitor Review

Come check out this sweet usb powered portable monitor by gechic! i'm very impressed with this monitor and works surprisingly well it also includes touch screen on this model. thank for the view! ○○○ LINKS ○○○ GeChic ► Novaspirit Discover A Lot More

Gechic- Assemble Touch All in One with On-Lap 1503I Monitor & Compute Stick(Intel Lemel)

On-Lap 1503I【Anyone can assemble a touch AIO easily! 】 Do you like to do it yourself? Wow! you can even assemble a simple all in one with touch monitor now! Gechic On-Lap 1503I 15.6 inch touch monitor is designed a 30 pin port on the back which Discover A Lot More

Portable Monitor – Connect to ANYTHING with GeChic 2501H

Gechic, a 15.6" 1080p portable monitor that could connect to all your devices. Get it here The Gechic 2501H, has a 15.6" display with HDMI and VGA inputs. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 for a bright and crisp display. This Discover A Lot More

GeChic On-Lap 1502I 15.6″ HD Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor Overview – Newegg Lifestyle | Touchscreen Monitors: sku: 9sia0v10sz4949 The On-Lap 1502 series have arrived—the ideal touch monitor for Windows 8! The intuitive touch screen interface of Windows 8 allows personal computers to break Discover A Lot More

Gechic 1080P 1503I Touch Monitor & Asus Chromebox

【Gechic 1080P On-Lap 1503I & Chromebox】 15.6" wide active area─ On-Lap 1503I shows quality visual experience. The best touch technology by projected capacitive touch screen as well as 10-point multi -touch. Support Windows10/8.1/7. ➠Where Discover A Lot More

GeChic 13.3″ Portable IPS 1080P Display – HDMI, Display Port, VGA

Please watch: "Windows 10 Creators Update Problems & Privacy Issues" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Reviewing the latest GeChec ON-LAP 1303 1080P HDTV portable display. This USB powered IPS display works as a secondary Discover A Lot More

Gechic 1303i USB Powered Touchscreen 1080P Portable Monitor with Built In Speakers

This USB Powered 1080P IPS Display is great for many uses, in this video we use it for a second screen with an iPad Air, a MacBook Air, and finally hooked up to a PS4 for some gaming goodness. We haven't even touched the surface of this guy yet.. Discover A Lot More

GeChic On Lap 1502i Touchscreen Monitor Review

Lisa Gade reviews the GeChic On-Lap 1502i portable full HD touch screen monitor. The On-Lap 1502i is a 15.6" full HD monitor that's very slim and weighs 2.9 pounds. The 1920 x 1080 display supports 10 points of capacitive multi-touch and it's matte Discover A Lot More