ToteVision 70″ Multi touch monitor:TV with built in PC HD 1080p This multi-functional video monitor includes an ATSC/QAM TV tuner and integrated PC with multi-touch capabilities. Ideal for use in training and education environments, in broadcast production, or in any application that Discover A Lot More

HP Sprout 23 Touchscreen All In One Windows 8 Desktop PC Built In 3D Scanner and HP DLP Projector HP Sprout 23 Touchscreen All-In-One Windows 8 Desktop PC With Built In 3D Scanner and HP DLP Projector. Experience innovative and intuitive multi-touch technology with the sprout immersive computer by HP. Located Discover A Lot More

Gechic 1303i USB Powered Touchscreen 1080P Portable Monitor with Built In Speakers

This USB Powered 1080P IPS Display is great for many uses, in this video we use it for a second screen with an iPad Air, a MacBook Air, and finally hooked up to a PS4 for some gaming goodness. We haven't even touched the surface of this guy yet.. Discover A Lot More