Gechic On-Lap 1503I Touch Monitor Windows 10/ 8.1 Fingers Touch Tips 1(FHD 1080P IPS)

【1503I Touch Monitor Windows 10/ 8.1 Fingers Touch Tips】Ep 1 The demo of Window 10/8.1 touch gesture! Give us 57", and you can learn the basic operation of touch on Windows 10/ 8.1! Expect for the touch application with On-Lap touch monitor, Discover A Lot More

Gechic- Assemble Touch All in One with On-Lap 1503I Monitor & Compute Stick(Intel Lemel)

On-Lap 1503I【Anyone can assemble a touch AIO easily! 】 Do you like to do it yourself? Wow! you can even assemble a simple all in one with touch monitor now! Gechic On-Lap 1503I 15.6 inch touch monitor is designed a 30 pin port on the back which Discover A Lot More

Gechic 1080P 1503I Touch Monitor & Asus Chromebox

【Gechic 1080P On-Lap 1503I & Chromebox】 15.6" wide active area─ On-Lap 1503I shows quality visual experience. The best touch technology by projected capacitive touch screen as well as 10-point multi -touch. Support Windows10/8.1/7. ➠Where Discover A Lot More