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The Lenovo B50 All in One PC is a powerful device with a quad core i7, 12 gigs of RAM, and a discrete Nvidia 840A GPU with 2 gigs of video RAM.

0:06 – Hardware overview
0:18 – Screen angles and IPS display
1:15 – HDMI input demonstration with game console
2:08 – Microsoft Word and Office demonstration
2:52 – Web browsing demonstration
3:30 – Gaming – Minecraft demonstration
3:59 – Gaming – Next Car Game Wreckfest demonstration
4:43 – Movies / video playback
5:30 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The Lenovo B50 is a pretty powerful all-in-one (AIO) for the price. It comes equipped with a quad core i7 4th generation Haswell processor at 2.2 ghz, 12 gigs of RAM, a discrete Nvidia 840A GPU with 2 gigs of RAM, and a one terabyte spinning hard disk. The display is a 23.8″ IPS 1080p touchscreen display with great viewing angles.

Basic office and web browsing tasks are very responsive and snappy. The B50 also does well as a movie playing machine, tackling Netflix, YouTube and even Blu Ray MKV files with ease. It also has a built in DVD burner and player. The speakers are loud and clear with a decent range of sound.

As All-In-Ones go, this is a powerful one that will do most household and home office tasks right out of the box.

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