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It’s easy to find a cheap 24″ monitor, but most of the models that come in between 0-0 tend to have very limited viewing angles that require almost a precise position to see an image properly. The HP envy, while not that much more expensive than the low end of the market, displays a beautiful picture at nearly every angle with its IPS display. It’s impressive.

I also like the modern industrial design along with its very thin bezels. It’s a really attractive piece of gear. It’s disappointing that it lacks VESA mounts which would have provided more mounting options.

The monitor also integrates speakers with Beats – although the Beats audio really isn’t all that spectacular. The speakers do sound ok and can get quite loud when you want them to be. Audio can be passed through digitally via the HDMI cable or analog through an included cable. It’s worth noting HP includes all of the cables needed to connect devices to the display. That was thoughtful.

As noted in Christopher’s review above, Mac users will want to disable the scaling feature to get a better quality image. It will really look lousy the first time you plug a Mac in, but disabling that setting will fix the issue completely.

If you’re getting used to the high DPI displays we have on our Macbook Pro Retinas and other computers, you will most definitely see the pixels on this display. This is not a fault of the display, but it’s evident that we are in need of high DPI options for desktop monitors. I am sure that by this time next year we’ll be looking at 4k (or perhaps higher) displays in this size that will offer image quality on par with some of the premium notebook displays out there.

But all in this is a great value for a display. It’s attractive, has great viewing angles, and usable audio. HP did a nice job here.

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DISCLOSURE – I received this product through the Amazon Vine program to review on Amazon’s site.

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