How to Understand Pay as You Go Cell Phone Plans
00:00:48 Part 1 Cell Phone Finances
00:00:55 1 – Understand that there is a thin line between pay as you go and prepaid plans
00:01:27 2 – Use a pay as you go plan if you have unlocked cell phones at your disposal
00:01:46 3 – Take advantage of pay as you go options if you have poor credit or no credit
00:02:20 4 – Purchase a pay as you go card at hundreds of wireless locations or discount stores
00:02:40 Part 2 Ideal Customers
00:02:47 1 – Opt for pay as you go plans if you only want to use your phone for emergencies
00:03:15 2 – Use a prepaid or pay as you go plan as a trial run for a service provider
00:03:37 3 – Use the pay as you go plan if you have someone who’s calling you want to limit
00:03:59 4 – Choose the pay as you go option if you want a fairly low-tech phone
00:04:23 5 – Consider a pay as you go option if you are relocating for a short period of time
00:04:51 Part 3 Pay As You Go Disadvantages
00:04:58 1 – Consider a contract, instead of a prepaid plan, if you use a lot of data or need an extensive family plan
00:05:24 2 – Recognize that if you use your phone every day, the pay as you go option is likely to be more expensive
00:05:59 3 – Understand that rural areas may not provide good service
00:06:23 4 – Accept that you will get fewer calling advantages with a prepaid or pay as you go plan
00:06:47 Part 4 Pay As You Go Set Up
00:06:54 1 – Decide if you have a phone that may work
00:07:12 2 – Visit a local Best Buy, Walmart or discount store to look at all the options
00:07:34 3 – Decide if you want text messaging included
00:07:57 4 – Choose either a daily rate or a pay as you go minutes card
00:08:36 5 – Pay ahead of time for minutes
00:08:54 6 – Set up your cell phone number
00:09:16 7 – Keep track of your minutes

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