In this video, I will guide you to replace broken 7- LCD for tablet PC
My table PC’s 7 inches LCD is broken so it could not show pictures any more, however, touch screen is still working.
So I ordered this replacement LCD from Aliexpress
It cost me 23 USD and took 8 days for shipment
Now let me open the case of my Tenko tablet
First, I need to un-screw
Then open the latches around the case
Be careful with the speaker
Now lift the handle and un-plug all cables
Un-screw and disassembly cameras
Locate and unscrew mother board
And LCD holder
WiFi antenna
Battery is glued to LCD so handle it with care
Now I can remove old broken LCD from tablet
Now put my new one in
Put everything back on
All done, I can now enjoy my table PC again
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