DIY PHONE CASE Life Hacks – Hot Glue Craft

How to make a mobile phone case out of hot glue sticks using a craft glue gun. Really fun DIY idea or life hack if you haven't got a phone case. Design your own cover and make it! Use colored or glitter glue. If you try this you do so at your own Discover A Lot More

22 inch AOC touchscreen monitor unboxing

Watch me unbox my new AOC touchscreen monitor and fumble around like an idiot trying to get it working. Available for sale here: Discover A Lot More

6 Smartphone Life Hacks

Google+ ------------------------------ Music: Audioscribe - Free Fall [NCS Release] Follow Audioscribe: Discover A Lot More

Airbar Touch Screen Sensor & USB Device Coming Soon (Make Non Touch Screen to Touch Screen Laptop)

The AirBar™ sensor - Get touch on your new or existing PC Pre-Order Booking Start : It's sleek, it's matte black, it's attached beneath your screen and when you plug it in you can use touch gestures without a touchscreen on your Discover A Lot More

Best phones you can buy in August 2016

We round up the best Android phones, as well as the best iPhones, that money can buy right now in the middle of 2016. From the Samsung Galaxy family to the iPhone series, we've looked at all the best phones and have a surprising winner. Link: -------- Discover A Lot More

22 inch iphone using veency and touch screen monitor

Having seen people use with windows and 7 inch monitors so for fun I thought I would give it a go with my 22 inch touch screen 🙂 Can be a bit slow but good fun having a 22 inch iPhone!!! Discover A Lot More

Cheap Unlocked Smartphones for Sale – buy cheap smartphones unlocked – cell phone financing

Cheap Unlocked Smartphones for Sale - unlocked smartphones explained. top 10 unlocked cell phones for sale to buy . top 9 cheap cell phones unlocked to buy. a number of our good cheap smartphones are prepared for activation for nationwide coverage... sync Discover A Lot More

DIY Capacitive touchscreen metal screw

Capacitive Touchscreen A capacitive touchscreen panel consists of an insulator such as glass, coated with a transparent conductor such as indium tin oxide (ITO). As the human body is also an electrical conductor, touching the surface of the screen Discover A Lot More


I rant on why we are not using pre-paid cell phones. sssSTOP IT! OnlineJon: - SUBSCRIBE! Here's a video OnlineJon & I did Discover A Lot More

How Touch Screen Works: Part 2 Capacitive Touch Screens

BCD Tech

Top 5 Hottest NEW Phones coming in 2017 – Concept creator

We are featuring some great content from a fantastic channel called "Concept creator", and with their permission we have compiled this list of 5 of the hottest most anticipated upcoming phones for 2017. Concept creator is a Discover A Lot More

Xperia L c2104 Troca do touch Replacing the touch display

como abrir o xperia L, com desmontar xperia L c 2104, trocando o display xperia l 2104 Replacing the touch display Discover A Lot More

PhoneShop S2 E 3

Играта – TOUCH SCREEN (Official Video) – IGRATA

Продуцент: Играта Музикален Продуцент : Bate Pesho,PM BEATZ Музика : PM BEATZ,Bate Pesho - Studio Buster Аранжимент : Bate Pesho - Studio Buster Текст : Играта (Ивайло Иванов) Режисьор Discover A Lot More

Top 10 best camera smartphones 2017

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( top 10 best camera smartphone 2016 Top 10 best camera smartphones 2017 top 10 best camera phones march 2017 top 10 best camera phones in 2017 top 10 best camera Discover A Lot More

Caltron touchscreen monitor LBT-1904O and HBT-1904O series introduction

Caltron had a long and proved history of providing industrial users 19" 4 by 3 aspect ratio LCD displays. The first model FBT-1904O launched mid-2006, then, LBT-1904O originated early 2012 and HBT-1904O began early 2013. The mechanical structure Discover A Lot More

How to Sell Cell Phones In Vending Machine

How to Sell Cell Phones In Vending Machine FamilyTube Smart Phones like iPhone, Samsung might be sold for more. Discover A Lot More

How to attach an IR touch screen on a LCD panel/TV/ monitor ? This video tells how to attach an IR touch screen on a LCD panel. With a double-sided tape, you can attach them together easily. Discover A Lot More

Cell Phones Cheap Unlocked – buy cheap smartphones unlocked – cell phone financing

Cell Phones Cheap Unlocked - unlocked cell phones cheap unlocked cellphone cheap unlocked cellphones under 0 cheap unlocked cellphones in usa. cheap unlocked gsm cell phones deals. 10 best unlocked cell phones 2016. cheap phones unlocked - 10 best Discover A Lot More

Multi-Touch-Testlauf an transparentem Bildschirm

Einrichtung eines transparenten Multitouch-Schaufensters.

Huawei P10 Review: Best Phone of 2017 So Far?

In over a week with the Huawei P10 I think it could be the best phone of 2017 so far! Check out my review and my thoughts on the Dual Leica 2.0 Camera system. Battery Life, performance and more! Thank you to Ash Tailor for helping me shoot in Barcelona! Discover A Lot More

Galaxy J5 cambio vetro touch display lcd Glass repair

Galaxy j5 sm j500 Come sostituire modulo LCD vetro touch completo. Galaxy j5 How to repair broken glass and lcd display Samsung SM J500 Facebook: Twitter: Sito riparazioni e Discover A Lot More